Hey, I'm Geoff. I am a full stack developer currently based in Texas. I solve problems with code.

Before entering the freelance market I worked as a Front End Developer at a small agency in San Angelo, Tx. There I learned that I’m most happy when presented with a difficult challenge, solving problems with code. I’ve always been an analytical person. Taking things apart and putting them back together (sometimes in different ways to see what happens). That’s how I approach a challenge. I break it down as much as possible, analyze the pieces, and form a solution.

When I’m not writing, learning, or reviewing code I spend my time doing normal things like binging a show on Netflix or occasionally reading a book. I say I don’t like being outdoors but really I just don’t like being outdoors when it’s hot (which is most of the time in Texas). When the weather is nice and cool I enjoy going for a walk by the Concho River here in San Angelo.

I also (try to) keep a periodic journal, The Weekly Standup, to write about what I’m working on, challenges I'm facing, and my plans for future projects.

My Favorite Tools